Dennis Hopper
Date of Birth
May 17, 1936
Birth Place:
Dodge City, KS


Year Title Role
2010 Alpha and Omega Tony
2009 Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation
2008 An American Carol
2008 Hell Ride
2008 Elegy George
2008 Swing Vote Donald Greenleaf
2008 Sleepwalking
Hoboken Hollow
2006 10th and Wolf
2006 Sketches of Frank Gehry
2006 Americano (2006) Riccardo Wapato
2005 Land of the Dead - Director's Cut Kaufman
2005 The Crow: Wicked Prayer
Out of Season Harry
Unspeakable Warden
2002 Knockaround Guys Benny "Chains" Demaret
2000 Leo Horace
Target Robert Nile
2001 Apocalypse Now Redux
1999 Jesus' Son
1963 Jason and the Argonauts Pelias
Choke (2001) Henry
Meet The Deedles Frank Slater
Top of the World
The Blackout (1997) Micky
1996 Basquiat
Carried Away Joseph Svenden
Waterworld Deacon
1995 Search and Destroy Dr. Waxling
Speed Howard Payne
1993 Red Rock West Lyle
Witch Hunt Detective H. Philip Lovecraft
1993 True Romance Clifford Worley
1991 The Indian Runner
Paris Trout Paris Trout
Double-Crossed Barry Seal
The Hot Spot
1987 The Pick-Up Artist Flash Jensen
1987 River's Edge Feck
Black Widow Ben Dumers
1986 Hoosiers Shooter
2001 Blue Velvet Frank Booth
1986 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 Lt. "Lefty" Enright
2006 Inside Man Miller
1983 Rumble Fish Father
Human Highway Cracker
1979 Apocalypse Now Photo Journalist
1977 The American Friend Tom Ripley
Mad Dog Morgan Daniel Morgan
Tracks (1976) Sergeant
Kid Blue
The Last Movie Kansas
1969 Easy Rider Billy
1969 True Grit (1969)
1968 Head
The Trip (1967) Max
1967 Cool Hand Luke
The Glory Stompers Chino
1965 The Sons of Katie Elder
Night Tide Johnny Drake
The Story of Mankind Napoleon
1957 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
1956 Giant
2014 Rebel Without a Cause Goon
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