Gotta see it!

By Gymkhanafan
Written May 05, 2007
Looks like it would be hilarious. Love Bill Engvall and Dan Whitney AKA Larry the cable guy.
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A waste of money

By sfarkle
Written May 18, 2007
I have enjoyed Larry and Bill in the Blue Collar Comedy Series, but their humor does not carry over to the big screen. This movie was awful. The acting was forced, the pace was slow and it was not funny at all. I actually started to fall asleep during parts of the movie. Perhaps if you are in the 12 to 18 male age group this might possibly appeal, but otherwise don't bother spending your money on this movie. If you must see it, put it in your Nelflix queue.
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Do people pay to see movies like this?

By luv2wski
Written May 11, 2007
On a scale one to ten...negative 100. It's a gorgeous weekend. Spend your time outside. Disturbia is worth an evening out and still one of the better movies this Spring.
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looks funny!

By iheartjohnnydepp45
Written April 29, 2007
i cant wait to see it. i looks really funny, i love larry the cable guy!!
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funny stuff

By tmdelonais
Written May 12, 2007
I liked the movie alot, very funny, a lot betteer than the other larry the cable guy movie. lots of laughs in the theater from everyone there.
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