Delta Farce Synopsis
Mistakenly deployed to Mexico, three bogus soldiers believe they are in the Middle East.
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Gotta see it!

By Gymkhanafan
Looks like it would be hilarious. Love Bill Engvall and Dan Whitney AKA Larry the cable guy....

A waste of money

By sfarkle
I have enjoyed Larry and Bill in the Blue Collar Comedy Series, but their humor does not carry over to the big screen. This movie was awful. The acting was forced, the pace was slow and it was not...

Do people pay to see movies like this?

By luv2wski
On a scale one to ten...negative 100. It's a gorgeous weekend. Spend your time outside. Disturbia is worth an evening out and still one of the better movies this Spring....

looks funny!

By iheartjohnnydepp45
i cant wait to see it. i looks really funny, i love larry the cable guy!!...

funny stuff

By tmdelonais
I liked the movie alot, very funny, a lot betteer than the other larry the cable guy movie. lots of laughs in the theater from everyone there....

Good movie - but where did that come from???

By algill1144
Great movie as far as plot, etc. and though I expected some "language" issues, I certainly didn't expect as much as they were constantly throwing out. Though I don't consider myself a "homophobe", I...

GET 'ER DONE! A FUN and enjoyable hour and a half!!

By Tom Dee
If you like dumb comedy, redneck comedy and don't mind mediocre acting, this is a great way to spend an hour and a half at the movie theater! We really loved the story. Think about it: three...

This is a good movie,

By Khartle2
this is not your ordinary larry or bill, they have a story line here, and it is a good one at that. Definetely a must see movie,...

Really Funny!

By ckboudreau
We laughed throughout the entire movie. Never a dull moment. Great movie if you like to laugh all the time and not wait 20 minutes until the next funny part!...

delta farce


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Rated PG-13 | For crude and sexual humor
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Common Sense Media says War in Iraq isn't funny -- neither is this movie.
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