What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this lowbrow war send up is aimed at 13-year-olds who like broad jokes based on stereotypes. Since the story is about three dopey reservists who confuse Mexico for Iraq, there are several culturally insensitive moments that portray Mexicans (not to mention Southern men) very stereotypically. Language includes "s--t" and "retard." Star Larry the Cable Guy and his pals spew many fart jokes and fire many rounds of ammunition for their "mission." Families with loved ones deployed in Iraq probably won't be amused, even if the movie is dedicated to the troops.
  • Families can talk about whether this movie is a criticism of the war or a tribute to the troops it's dedicated to. Is it funny to ridicule the military, the war, and active reservists? Why or why not? How are Mexicans portrayed? What stereotypes does the film exploit? Does calling something a "spoof" mean it's OK to go for laughs based on labels and preconceived notions?
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