By codyandbisket
Written December 06, 2013
It was an OK movie. Glad we did not pay full price. We saw it at Bowles Crossing in Littleton, 80127 and the theatre was freezing. The movie started late. The theatre seats are great, the employees are friendly and helpful. You would expect Vince Vaughn to be funny, but he was not.
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Delivery Man Delivers

By jbodre
Written November 23, 2013
Delivery Man is great and original movie and is one of the best comedies of the season. This movie has a good and fresh story. The comedy, the actors and directing was really good and the ending was right on. I liked this movie alot and recommend it to everyone.
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Vince does it again

By 1AngelSEYES
Written May 27, 2016
In this movie much like every other movie he's made, he plays a looser trying to find his way and get his life on the right path. This times it's with being a sperm donor and it's still not funny. Please read a different script.
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By matthewvidal
Written November 25, 2013
I saw this with my step-son who is 19. He liked it, but didn't laugh half as much as I did. Maybe it's an older parent kind of humor?
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By moveeluva
Written November 24, 2013
The movie seemed to have potential... But... It feel short. There were few laughs and predictable developments in the movie. I would have loved to have seen more interaction with his current love interest and the many children seeking to connect with their father. Wait for video/dvd/ondemand/redbox
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