Typical Vince Vaughn with some drama - a good story, well executed

By bigbill12j
Written December 01, 2013
We see the typical Vaughn character, a lovable shlump, not quite making it, up to his eyeballs in debt, reminded me of the same character in Fred Claus. However, it was delightful, fun, good story, realistic ending, and so worth going to.
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Delivery Man was awesome 5 Stars

By cmacy2012
Written December 09, 2013
I really enjoyed the much needed laughter. And it gave a whole perspective about donating such a precious gift about how to develop better people skills and extended family I hope that GO means its a good movie in my opinion
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Delivery Man

By stibbles
Written November 24, 2013
It was comical but the story line will make you cry. Very well done. I was anticipating a "dumb comedy" type movie, but was pleasantly surprised.
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Never a Dull Moment with Vince Vaughn

By Calylily
Written November 25, 2013
Great endearing performance by Vince Vaughn in this great new B movie making you feel good about family and a child's need to know their dad, something I can relate to, and a great new discovery of a new young actor, "Josh the Actor" in the movie, who captured our hearts in his small role as Vince's young look-alike son! And what a beautiful young Vince he made - shockingly so!! He will be a force to recon with in the future, that is for sure. I have always been a big Vince Vaughn fan and glad to see he is doing a more serious comedic role other than some of the slapstick stuff of late. The first time I ever saw him was in "A Cool Dry Place" and right after that "Return to Paradise" - Both of these were dramas and his performance was excellent. We seemed to change oars after "Swingers" a movie I hated, and then he made the trip over the edge and we lost him altogether from the industry. So glad to see his come back has been a successful one! !
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delivery man

By ducote
Written December 04, 2013
i thought the movie was very interesting, i wonder how many men who have donated or got paid for their sperm now are wondering?????????? how many babies do i have or are responsible to a great degree for that person's life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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