Don't go

By carlseaver
Written December 07, 2013
Please save your time. This was simply one of the worst movies I have ever seen before. I was really hoping that it would be a great movie but I was significantly disappointed. The storyline was weak at best. There might have been 3 funny lines in the movie as a total. Vince Vaughn needed a stronger cast for this movie. Saying that the writing was amateur and infantile improbably as kind as I could be. I hung in there hoping that it would turn around, but found myself hoping for the end. The best part was when I finally saw the credits rolling at the end. This was a big flop. Sad because I really like seeing Vince in movies, but this one should go into his "To be avoided" category. Sorry Vince
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delivery man

By victoriaquattro
Written November 24, 2013
loved it, vince Vaughn is a good actor, he makes you laugh and cry at the same time. laughter thru tears is the best!!! I would recommend it to everyone
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Delivery Man / Sooooo-Soooo

By ctdeihl7
Written November 26, 2013
Seeing this Movie it felt like there where parts cut out that would have made it more interesting.Could have been a Good Comedy,but it was too laid back.It would have made a good after-school special .
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As a Chick is a must see. 4 guys, decent date movie.

By satrurn1256
Written November 24, 2013
My Gf. Nancy & I compromised on this flick thinking that Thor 2 & The Hunger Games would be zoo's. Which they were. So we thought this flick could not be that bad. The movie started out slow and then bogged down even further in the middle. Yet 2V started to connect with a young boy with CP, we thought the movie would actually make some kind of sense. The final 3rd of the movie did make us wonder about the reality of the movie which was based on the book "Starbuck". A looser, who did something right as young man who as man with no life approaching middle age and possible parenthood has a chance to do something right again. Would I recommend this movie to guys who need a date movie while their GF's will not see Thor or some of the other action adventure movies that are coming out soon.
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Good movie

By shoppe2505
Written November 23, 2013
I was so hoping to like this movie and I did. It kept my attention the whole time. It wasn't hilarious but it definitely was heart warming.
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