Ignore the critics - This is a very enjoyable movie

By tombyrom
Written November 25, 2013
Delivery Man is not a great movie, but it is well worth seeing. Vince Vaughan is excellent in the role, which is a departure from most of his awful stuff with Owen Wilson. Sure, the plot is corny and predictable, but there are some good laughs, and the movie has a serious message too. The critics like to overanalyze films. They should just sit back and enjoy this movie, as should you.
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Good Movie | Bad Previews

By bbrydon
Written November 30, 2013
[Showing At Alamo Draft House, Lakeline (Austin)] Loved the movie (PG-13), but the previews were very offensive (R) and showed men ejaculating into machines and laughing about it, etc. Not something you expect when you take your teenager to a PG-13 movie. I reported it to management but not sure they will change it.
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Nice and Heart Warming

By mdavidweaver
Written December 06, 2013
I have to admit I shed a tear or two... I thought Vince Vaughn did a nice job of bringing his brand of humor to this interesting story. Good date movie if you are looking for something other than the action flicks.
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awesome entertainment

By piperat7116
Written July 01, 2016
love the delivery man.was action packed and full of suspense. kept my interest all tha way through.
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Boring Chick Flick

By matthew.rumore
Written November 26, 2013
The premise was shotty at best, with the title making little to no impact on the story. Go see something else because you can waste your time in about a year when it hits TV.
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