Deliver Us from Evil Synopsis
New York police officer Ralph Sarchie, struggling with his own personal issues, begins investigating a series of disturbing and inexplicable crimes.
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Great Movie!

By MoviesSCT
When I saw this trailer, I knew I wanted to see the movie and it didn't disappoint. It was intense and kept you moving through its fairly steady plot. While I guess some see it because it is...

Good but not the scarefest it could be

By benjamindelongbd
Good story good tension in spots and moments of jump scares . not gory at all really . the acting is good . it does follow the usual demonic possession arc with a couple curves thrown in . worth...

It was ok

By thoughtzofny
Deliver Us From Evil was entertaining but The Conjuring was way more scarier....

Deliver Us From Evil

By traceyharris
The movie was a good horror flick. Haven't seen a good one in a long time. It kept you in suspense. The movie theatre (The Pearl) was horrible. Patrons talking loud through the whole move, using...


By sopranocharisma
I love love love scary movies, but it is extremely rare I find one that actually creeps me out, 99% of the time they're hokey and lame! Deliver us from evil was NOT! This movie genuinely freaked me...

Best Horror in 10 years

By aspynhurn7
Freaky ?? Realistic ?? Jumpy ?? Character Development ?? Good Acting ?? I'm a pretty harsh critic for horror films, mainly because nothing scares me, but this film won me over! Just watch it!...

deliver us from evil

By foxylady1354
good movie made me jump.....


good movie, it was scary...

Pretty good spooky movie!

By agpro2814
The roman catholic church and christianity in general are becoming good props for horror movies! If you believe in demons you will be scared shitless! Rest of us it is more a joke than a scare. At...

Deliver us

By uplift25
Suspense and psychological thrills! Great cast great acting Creepy and strong story Go see it !...

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Rated R | For Grisly Images, Bloody Violence, Language and Terror Throughout
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Common Sense Media says Demon-possession tale based on true story is pretty gory.
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