By twilight11111111
Written February 22, 2009
i hate this kind of movies there so dumb
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Not worth watching in the Theater

By akjain672
Written February 21, 2009
The print of the movie is not wide screen, and it seems as if you are watching the movie at home on a big screen. The overall quality of the movies is below standard, photography is terrible (as if hand held camera used). There is hardly any storyline in the movie and no chemistry between Abhi and Sonam. Again, these movie makers miss no chance to make fun of Hindu religion and show muslims better. The movie is very disappointing, music is below average. The only positive part is Junior B's nice acting. Sonam is just ok and did not get much a chance to prove herself. Waste of money, better to wait for a DVD. Thanks
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Delhi6 - Ignorance is Bliss!

By amichandwala
Written February 22, 2009
Don't waist your precious time & money. The story has absolutely no head and tail. The movie should have been instead called Kaala Bandar ~~~ Grrrr....
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good movie

By fanuser1010
Written February 25, 2009
this movie has a good message.
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Hotch-Potch movie

By mc_movie
Written February 22, 2009
If you don't mind spending 10 bucks for a time pass movie, then go ahead.
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