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Deepwater Horizon Synopsis
Crew members fight for survival when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explodes in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Deep Water lacks character/story dev

By kcoffin101
This is a fantastic event with tradjic outcome. The special effects were very good. Unfortunately, the movie fails to allow viewers to learn about other characters. Eleven people died and the...

Human Element vs Massive Pollution

By Funsmartmoviesplease
Movie Content Review. The human element is good. The overall massive pollution of this industry is ignored too much. The unauthorized oil dispersing chemicals dumped into the gulf by BP after the...


By tonytrish
Keeping in mind this is a movie & some things we know aren't possible the way it was shown. Overall, a really good movie. I am a oilfield wife & have been for almost 20 years. Very emotional movie...


By stephenstroup
After working offshore several years and being on the Deepwater Horizon it brought back memories of how close the people are that work offshore and the risks that are there....

Deepwater horizon

By Sambooka67
I thought the movie was great....very entertaining].....the special effects were insane ....and all of the actors did very well ...especially kurt Russell......


By artjwiii
Good movie and pretty realistic considering what we heard and saw on the news. It was truly sad thinking back to the men's lives that were lost. It sure is huge to know that the movie (or the...

Great Movie Sad Reality

By thatbluelady5
Though I knew the outcomes of this explosion, I never really understood what the men and women on that rig had gone through. To know how BP did what they did to sweep stuff under the rug for the sake...

Very Good Movie

By benjaminrdambrell
The movie was excellent...the only thing I would have liked to have seen from it was more of the aftermath of the trials. But other then that a excellent movie with a sad state of events....

Great movie

By BxChiquita
Great movie, my condolences for those who lost there lifes ....

A Must See

By darlinjo38

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Rated PG-13 | For Disturbing Images, Brief Strong Language and Intense Disaster Sequences
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Common Sense Media says Thrilling tale of heroism during deadly oil rig explosion.
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