Deep Sea 3 D

By bleeka
Written February 05, 2007
Fantastic. I wish it lasted longer for the $10.00. you have to sit in the center to get the best effects. We recommended this to the whole family, who enjoy snorkling or deep sea diving. Great for those who might enjoy nature with a buzz on.
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Great 3D film!

By tanjora
Written May 03, 2008
I loved this. THe photography was great, and the 3D technology was top notch! I loved having jellyfish float right past my ears!!! I also liked that it had a conservation message, but they didn't hit you over the head with it and make it into a downer. I took my 5 year old son and he loved it, though he did get scared by the manta rays and giant squid looking like they were going to get him! But he kept trying to catch the fish as the swam past his face. I was sad that it ended so soon, I was recommending it to people and then it ended a few days later. I wanted to see it again. : ( Maybe it will return someday?!
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Imax Deep Sea 3D

By isabo
Written April 24, 2007
I took my two grandsons, 10 and 6 to see the show. They loved it. I would recommend the movie highly for all ages.
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Deep Sea 3D

By dozer1210
Written February 27, 2007
The only downside to this movie is that it wasn't long enough. Great movie for kids of all ages.
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Short Edutainment Film on the Oceans, In 3D

By jmccorm
Written December 11, 2006
I can say that the 3D in the movie was quite awesome. The terrain shots really lended themselves well to 3D. And they took advantage of some very up-close 3D views at times. There was a few moments on extremely close objects that made me slightly dizzy for a moment. Perhaps it was just me. There was also some 3D errors, like an object or dark debris that would appear in one eye, but not the other. Those should have been fixed in pre-production, but were overlooked. The material itself was kind of interesting. Sea creatures and what not. Not a "wow, I've got to see this" kind of thing. More like something for a kid or just a 3D movie to watch. I can't say that it was totally compelling material, but the visuals made up for a lot. This movie was quite short, being only 40 minutes. I imagine that after IMAX, it'll go to HDTV, like SolarMax has.
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