Wisdom of the Sea

By gilbert282
Written July 01, 2011
Deeply captivates with sea-scape, and warms the soul by a simple people whose existence ebbs and flows upon catching fish.But to live is always the simplest passage ! After losing a love,Claire wrestles with such a dilema. Angry,she tussles the shore,the cliffs, demanding restoration. Enter:Celia an aged and very wise story teller.Celia senses the void in Claire's life,and begins to tell a story, which although brimming with legend and lore apothegm, seems realistic as the tides ebbing the shore [star fish marooned, yet only after surviving countless squalls, sea salt in the lungs,the mind, the heart.....as is death! ] Silly (Kirsten Dunst) the character in Celia's story,crested naturally of these truths, though the villagers viewed her as an obstacle to happiness. But "Silly" means happiness;fortunate;probably why she willed to meet life"head on", like a ship's mast, steering for new horizons and fate's fortune. But that's Kirsten! Giddy and a wonderful leading lady.
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