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Very Good Movie

By jigar307shah
This very good movie after long time. The movie you will enjoy from start to end. IF you like to laugh you should really watch this movie in theather...

Not the same magic as Hera Pheri

By rksshop
It won't be a right thing to compare it with the master piece 'Hera Pheri".Good in bits and pieces and too many characters in a small script.The team is good in some parts,but I think Priyadarshan...


By deepcdc
The usual priyadarshan comedy flick with many characters ,much confusion and a big ending. Watch it once for the usual comic cast of Rajpal Yadav, Paresh rawal, Johny lever....

Some good gags...typical priyadarshan

By pratyaksh
Go watch it if you want to have some laughs...

De Dana Dan

By sanjiv
Really Hilliarious, A Great Funny family entertainer, Must Watch!!...

Not as funny as Hera Pheri

By il_movies
Not a movie to compare with Hera Pheri at all! Not that funny story just gets too confusing. Good songs actually great songs. Kat looked nice..that is just it :/...

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