Quite Enjoyable!

By Irishgeminigurl
Written December 01, 2006
Of corse, it had the normal Christmas story line... "Which is more important, your family or being the best ___?", however, I found it quite humorous! I saw it in theaters with a friend, and we kept joking around about certain parts, well after the movie ended. : ) It's definately a cute one to take the kids to!
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Deck the Hall's

By lisalou
Written December 11, 2006
This was the slowest uneventful movie that I've ever seen. I kept waiting for something to happen but finally - My daughter (24) and I gave up. We probably left 10 min early but we came to the conclusion that the torture we had been through wouldn't have been saved by a great ending. BORING!!!!
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Deck The Halls

By Dragonstalon
Written November 28, 2006
Mathew Broderick and Danny Devito worked great off of each other. The rivalry between Mathew's straight laced doctor against Danny's devious salesman was very funny. The special effects of the decorations were great. I recommend this movie to anyone who needs a little Christmas spirit.
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By lickablebean
Written December 11, 2006

If the commericals are better then the movie then they shouldn't release the movie.  DeVito was funny...but Broderick will make you suffer.


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Even with reading the reviews, my expectations were not low enough

By SeeingDragons
Written December 13, 2006
I found Danny DeVito's charater my favorite, simple guy just trying to find purpose in his life. Everything else was shallow, not appropriate for children under 12, and rather boring. Our 8 & 10 were practically asleep and we went to the 5pm show.
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