Must SEE or DIE!!!!!

By soccer96
Written November 25, 2006

This was the best movie i have seen in a while! Must see now or you will die of seeing horrible movies and no great one`s like THE SANTA CLAUS 3!!!!!!!!! I love Tim Allen movies, and if you do to then you have to come see this perfect movie. I mean I`ve seen a lot of good movies lately but this one was just..................................WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MUST SEE OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Best Movie Ever

By sparkle$girl
Written November 26, 2006
You must go see it it gets you into holiday spirit if you have children ages 6-11 they will love it it's a happy happy movie if you don't I will be laughing loudly it is really nice and fun if you buy tickets and then change your mind send them to me I will watch it for a second time!
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ho ho ho!

By your_mother
Written December 12, 2006
this was good..i like the part where hte girls are dancing on the stage and the guys goo..."WHOS YOUR DADDDY?!?" and it ends up being their daughters...hahahah!
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Deck my *****!

By kyle_infante
Written November 16, 2006

This looks pretty funny. DeVito does a fantastic job in this one. The last rating is not right. At least a so-so if you don't like it. Heck, it's better than Santa Clause 3.

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Deck the Halls

By binnie57
Written December 25, 2006
It wasn't what I thought. I thought there was going to be a lighting competition, but felt the movie was good. It kept my interest. It's not deep so there's not too much thinking, which you need at this time of the year. It was just enjoyable to watch fine actors. Of course, there was a lesson to be learned but that's okay.
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