Deck me in the balls

By Naked_movie_goer
Written January 01, 2007
I would rather get "decked in the balls" than see deck the halls.
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By LOOK116
Written November 13, 2007
this movie had innapropriate scenes and the girls are disgusting and i think its dumb that in the end they had to do that. I also think its stupid Buddy Hall wants his house to be seen is space. It was really funny though when buddy was laying with Steve naked. I think all the people in this movie were UGLY except for Buddy's wife.
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walked out

By 13alexa
Written November 24, 2006
this movie was terrible, it kept on going in circles. i was in drama and the plot was extremely weak and that is the biggest element. It seemed like they were just trying ot kill time or something, basically it was just really BAD!!!
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Deck The Halls

By mrsthomas4thgradeteacher
Written December 13, 2006
The movie was very slow. It didn't have very many funny parts. The crazy neighbor bit has been overplayed too many times, and these actors couldn't even make it interesting!
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Predictable but definately worth going

By Grasshopper
Written December 19, 2006
It will get you in the holiday spirit, even though the movie is somewhat predictable. Take the time.
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