By Qualitynotquantity
Written April 25, 2008
What on earth is the point of having 2000 reviews made up of can't wait don't care etc. I am guilty in that this is not a review of the movie but I am at least making a valid point. I am finding I have to scroll a dozen pages to get two or three sensible reviews. Come on fandango, or whoever makes the decisions, scrap this nonsense and let us read valid opinions.
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Looking for Love

By joesteph
Written April 26, 2008
The accountant whose career kills his chances of having a relationship meets others in the same boat, but with an "arms length" personal interplay. Sensuous scenes and false overtures of friendship play well in this film. The previews have already let us know that the nice guy turns out to be the not-so-nice rat, but the romance and feeling of regret make it special. Worth seeing.
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pretty good.

Written April 28, 2008
This movie can be slow at times, but overall- I was pleased. It doesn't turn out like you think!!!! If you like suspense, sex, Hugh & Ewan- go see it!
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Just out of curiosity...

By Mystweaver
Written April 25, 2008
Why do people write reviews or give ratings for movies they haven't even seen yet? Who exactly "cares" if you are looking forward to it or not? I don't know your credentials... why should your opinion matter to me? I'm looking for "reviews"... not what amounts to website spam! Even if actual reviews were there, you can't find them without having to slog through page after page of comments by individuals with no life; commenting on stuff they have no knowledge of. This site even makes me assign a rating to something I haven't seen yet!
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By StinkyRose
Written April 30, 2008
Story was pretty good
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