Looks To Be A Breakout Roll

By bigrod1980
Written September 04, 2014
The trailer looks really good. It'll be interesting to see if Daniel Radcliffe fans can accept him as anyhing else other than Harry Potter. I really hope they can, because he's got a lot of potential. I'll be there opening weekend.
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December Boys - Golden

By Rusty1
Written September 15, 2007
Golden days for young and old is what we witness in this gentle but penetrating drama. You walk out feeling like you have been on holiday and made 4 new friends. Amazing touch with the story and if you can deal with those funny Australian accents then no problem. (They dont really sound like they do on THE SIMPSONS) Dan from HARRY POTTER is really good and a versatile actor.
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In Praise of Daniel

By Pattie815
Written October 07, 2007
I saw this yesterday and all I can say is "Hooray" I was thrilled to see this departure for Daniel Radcliffe and equally pleased with the strong performances by all of the actors in this film. Because these boys have been continually rejected for adoption in an outback orphanage the bond between them is palpable even though they still long for families. Beautifully filmed, and also a good soundtrack. I highly recommend this film.
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Very HEart Warming Movie

By krmanthathaler
Written September 17, 2007
Great movie. Its been a while since we have seen such innocence and simple yet sophisticated characters. It was a refreshing change from all the death and bloody movies that they make these days. Daniel Radcliff is as usually very good. He is a bit awkward in some places, it seems that as he growing up from the Harry Potter days, he is still getting used to his “new skin”. The other boys are amazing and I loved the story. It is definitely a movie that will remain with me for a long time to come.
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Not Great. Not Memorable

By needbutter
Written September 19, 2007
It is beauitifully shot but this movie is a bit of a long drawn out mess. I got rather sleepy at one point watching it. I can tell that everyone was trying really hard to make it work and that's just one of the problems. Teresa Palmer was superb. We needed to see more of her. Radcliffe was OK for his first time away from Hogwarts but he was still rather stiff in his delivery.
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