Strength in Simplicity

By Phact0rri
Written April 23, 2012
In today’s world of raging opinion and politics, it’s rare to find a look into a heavily debated topic with no true motivation or opinion. However that is exactly what you receive from Death Row. It is a master work in its simplicity, not driving to tell the facts nor the debate on capital Punishment, but instead a portrait behind the bars. The film is not to convince you of anything. It is only to show you that there are humans behind the evil. We do not receive villains nor are we entertained with tragedy. Deathrow quite simply are interviews, with prisoners, who are awaiting death. The audience is asked to view it with their own opinions, and take from it what they will. But one thing is assured, like any art it is without function. And that is the strength of its merits.
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