By 619boy531
Written December 19, 2008
This movie was better than I expected. It had some sick action scenes,lots of violence for all those action fans. like myself. The casting was good.worth seeing.
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Written August 21, 2008
I saw the advance press screening of this movie - I'm glad I did not waste any money on it. This short 89-minute version by director Paul W.S. Anderson, aimed at the 18-35 male demographic, is remake of a 1975 movie - Death Race 2000. Death Race does not have much else to offer other than gore/brutality/violence, boring poorly-edited race sequences, lots of explosions/bullets/gunfires, bad dialogue, profanity, bad plot (WAIT, there is a plot???), and undeveloped one-dimensional characters. Don't get me wrong - as I mentioned, there is definitely a market for these kind of movies - and Hollywood is only too happy to capitalize making lots of $$$ off of them. If you have watched the previews/trailers, you've basically watched the entire movie. Period. I went in with LOW expectations and they were NOT MET - this movie turned out to be WORSE that I expected. RECOMMENDATION: Mind-numbing turn-off-your-brains neanderthal-dull. At best - a rental on a slow afternoon.
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still so so

By Caveboy0
Written August 07, 2008
the movie is still so so for me but it does remind me of that old video game crash and burn the game was really fun but the movie eh it could be good.
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Death Race...Not a Disgrace!

By sweetivylyn
Written August 22, 2008
Wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but decided to go to the 1st show at 10:00Am; there were 5 people total including myself; for some reason a man and a woman who had come in together left after 20 minutes; no clue why since the action hadn't really started yet; The thing I liked most about this film were the stunts! It's been a while since a halfway decent action flick has been out and if action is what you're looking for, then by all means go see it! The premise is it's now 2012 and all the prison systems are under private control; the goal is to make as much money as they can by televising "Death Races"; by kicking it up a notch after each race, they're making tons of money; Won't give away anything else except that it's pretty much a guy movie, there are some truly spectacular stunts and there are at least 2 instances where I was slightly horrified; The acting is OK, but nothing to write home about but I was satisfied and didn't feel like I was ripped off;
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Basically another video game movie

By RandytheMovieFan
Written August 20, 2008
Lots of action in its 4 car race sequences, that was about it. The performances were OK, probably a notch above average thanks to Joan Allen. If you're a fan of the original Death Race 2000, listen closely and you'll hear David Carradine's voice used for the masked driver "Frank" in the first race sequence. This movie is definitely not for the squeamish.
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