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Framed for murder, a convict (Jason Statham) must compete in a brutal auto race to win his freedom.
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By 619boy531
This movie was better than I expected. It had some sick action scenes,lots of violence for all those action fans. like myself. The casting was good.worth seeing....


I saw the advance press screening of this movie - I'm glad I did not waste any money on it. This short 89-minute version by director Paul W.S. Anderson, aimed at the 18-35 male demographic, is...

still so so

By Caveboy0
the movie is still so so for me but it does remind me of that old video game crash and burn the game was really fun but the movie eh it could be good....

Death Race...Not a Disgrace!

By sweetivylyn
Wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but decided to go to the 1st show at 10:00Am; there were 5 people total including myself; for some reason a man and a woman who had come in together left...

Basically another video game movie

By RandytheMovieFan
Lots of action in its 4 car race sequences, that was about it. The performances were OK, probably a notch above average thanks to Joan Allen. If you're a fan of the original Death Race 2000, listen...

Violent but good

By thaliamac
I've always liked Jason Statham and he definitely didn't disappoint in this movie. Don't get me wrong, very violent but overall was very good. It definitely makes you wonder about the whole notion...

Twisted Metal???

By leobearspharlem
I think that this movie is gonna have lot of bang, but Iam not sure if they wrote this movie with a theme or just to blow stuff up. The fact that J. Statham is in it has to be good right? I plan to...

Love, Love, Loved It

By Missmeg381
Fantastic movie and a must see if you are into action films. I like that it isn't a story that has been told over and over agin. If you liked The Fast and the Furious movies you'll love Death Race...

Death Race....

By my_bologna2
I did not want to go see this movie it looked so stupid, but my boyfriend made me. I loved it. I dont know why it was just great and I want to buy it now! I recommend it!!!...

It's a remake

By DrGood
This movie is a remake of Death Race 2000. A Roger Corman movie with Sly Stallone as the baddie. The original is quite good and I recommend you watch it. This new version seem ok. It as J. Statham in...

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Rated R | For strong violence and language
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Common Sense Media says Violent action remake races to a high body count.
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