Death Note: L, Change the WorLd (subtitled) Synopsis
Death Note: L, change the WorLd is the third live action event based on the Death Note Manga franchise.

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Death Note 3: L Change the World

By iLLawlietRyuzaki
I am an avid Death Note Otaku. And I have seen the first two movies. Which where fantastic. L Change the World is a spin off of the series. I have seen it before and I will say that this is by far...


By quikassass11
I have seen the first two movies, and they are absolutely amazing. I have seen this movie as well and it is a huge twist to the story. This movie is always exciting and its a ride to be ridden i...

Didn't expect it!

By creed_nightmare
When I first about to see it, I was kind of expecting it to be like another Twilight disappointment but I was truly surprised on how good it was. I love the fact that you see a different side of L and...

Death Note: L, Change the WorLd (subtitled)

By emmy52
Not nearly as good as the first two--way too much time spent on shots of gory death throes. And environmentalists as the bad guys? Please. How 20th century. "L" was excellent as always, as were the...

Awesomeness to Boot!!

By Morphious_changespinner
If you are a fan of L, this is a must watch!^^ For me, I can't wait until I can get a hold of it's DVD form~ Overall, the storyline was great & the action was quite intenese for a series that is more...

Death Note: L, Change the WorLd (subtitled)

By hrkt4
five star...

Death Note: L, Change the WorLd (subtitled)

By spawn_of_urza
Overall I was disappointed with this movie. The movie wasn't horrible, it's just that I had so much more expectations than what was actually delivered. Like in the live Death Note 1, the storyline of...

Oh, yes

By deannajean
This movie was extremely entertaining. The acting was pretty good, the random amusing factor was there, and it felt like Death Note. If you are a detail-stickler there may be things about the movie...

Not a fan? Don't even bother.

By jbdbcardinalfire
Last Wednesday, I saw L: Change the WorLD. and didn't like the movie as much as I had hoped I would. Don't get me wrong; it's not like the movie was utter ****. I just did not like itas much as...


By bellinissima
Why the sad face? Bc at the end of the movie a start menu tool bar appeared. YES. So I'm sad. Plus the American voice actor for L kept on showing up. He appeared in the beginning before the movie...

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