Death Note (2008) Synopsis
Yagami finds a strange notebook, using it to kill criminals.
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Death Note Movie

By mastererukun
Alright, as an avid fan of Death Note, I have to say that I actually like the movie more than I like the anime or manga. The ending to this two-part movie is just epic. Of course the first movie...

Death Note

By Otaqueen
This movie should be seen by any fan of the Death Note manga or anime. The movie veers away from the anime halfway through the first movie and completely in the second but they are both still worth...

Deathnote Part 1

By Kikai7
I was very impressed with it. For starters the dubbing was done by the same voice actors who portrayed the characters in the animated series. All of the actors did a wonderful job depicting the...

Short and Sweet Review

By xMichix
I am a huge DeathNote fan. I own a DeathNote, all the mangas, plushies, a tie, a messenger bag, basically you name it I probably have it. So when I found out that the first DeathNote movie was going...

Death Note

By animefreak243
OMG This is the most awesome movie EVUR I sadly had to watch it on youtube with subtitles MISA MISAS HAIR IS BLOND BLOND I TELL U!...


By chimeradragon
It's about time that some of these great Japanese movies were released in US theaters. This is on that I've been waiting to see in the US for a very long time. It's a great movie with an awesome...


By megami580
Live action anime has come a long way! If your a fan of the anime series, you must check this movie. It well done acting and effects wise. The only complaint I have is that I would have prefered...

A must see

By L's Underling
Must... Go... See... Death Note rules!...

nothing like the animee

By tupirix
:( I liked the animee a lot, but the movie was kind of so so...


By Animegirl818

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