DEATH BECOMES HER = Extraordinarily Original Hollywood Black Comedy

By lugubriousthespian
Written December 29, 2008
Robert Zemeckis' 1992 film DEATH BECOMES HER certainly deserves another look! ( Take serious notice Mr. Maltin with your skimpy 2 ** rating!! ) Not only was this movie WAY ahead of its time technically ( and still holds up well with it's pre-CGI effects, but it remains as one of the most wacky, dark, daringly original pieces ever to hit the mainstream, commercial market! The story concerning two old, bitter friends turned enemies ( an utterly hilarious Meryl Streep in a faded diva-***** actress mode & right-on-her-heels Goldie Hawn ) fighting to the death ( literally ) over a washed-up souse of a plastic surgeon turned undertaker ( Bruce Willis ) after they have both mistakenly bought a magical fountain-of-youth product from a ageless vamp ( Isabella Rosellini as mysteriously seductive temptress ). Realizing that they can never die, but seriously maim and mutilate themselves and each other, they both conspire to enlist a reluctant Willis in a series of truly inspired set pieces!
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death becomes her

By angelkim2nel
Written April 04, 2016
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