truly surprised

By pedrogeorge
Written April 20, 2010
After reviewing previews online before the movie, we (six of us) were almost sorry we had purchased tickets online ahead of time. Since we had the tickets, we went and are so glad that we did. We laughed from beginning to end in this action packed comedy.
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Five Word Review

By oldsaltydog
Written April 24, 2010
you will pee your pants
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Five Word Review

By Kilbaneisking
Written July 09, 2010
Funniest Funeral you'll ever see
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Would have said NO if it wasn't for.....

Written April 21, 2010
James Marsden and Zoe Saldana's storyline and acting. He was really hilarious,and I'd never seen that before. I totally forgot that he wasn't really high or whatever. She was so real at being concerned and frustrated,while totally in love. And I would have said GO if it wasn't for the writer brother/18 yr old girl storyline. How tasteless. And he wasn't funny at all. Chris Rock was great at interpreting understated comedy while being the serious,responsible one. In all,except for Marsden,nothing more than preview laughs and gross toilet gimmick.I felt bad for Glover,one of my favorites. Matinee price or better, spend now on Kick Ass!!! wait for dvd on Funeral
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Laughed so much more at preview scenes

By birac
Written April 16, 2010
Wow, I thought this was going to be a big kick-off for summer movies. Wrong. Mildly entertaining. Very mundane in the comedy department considering what huge talent was available. Favorites were Marsden on acid. He was just right. Considering the character sounded pretty clean of any substances,he did a nice job of being totally out of his element,without being ridiculously overboard,which could easily occur in this scenario.And cousin whose pills he took was convincing in being worried about it. Danny Glover is great,but what a stupid role.Wish he would have declined.He did good though. Least favorites: Luke Wilson's role was unneeded,badly acted and had zero redeeming qualities. He just isn't any good anymore. Other talents were wasted.Ending wrapped up kind of cool,but I recommend wait for dvd,etc
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