Death And The Maiden

By Ruby_Redz
Written October 21, 2008
OUTSTANDING!!!!! I think this one of my 2nd best movie by Roman Polanski. Rosemary's Baby still one of my favorites. The storyline was exceptionally well done, especially since throughout the entire movie there are only 3 characters, and the scene set is the same setting throughout. They pulled it of. I definitely kept my attention, and kept me in such angst anticipation as Paulina (Sigourney) kept revealing a little more of her past. And Dr Miranda (Ben) is remarkably smart, and manipulative. Loved to hate him. Also one of the reasons I loved this film, is that it leave much to the imagination for the viewer. This is a must see with it riveting, suspenseful, painful, and much deserved revenged film, that will keep you on pins and needles as you find yourself trying to uncover the truth as well.
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