Dear White People Synopsis
A biracial student (Tessa Thompson) tries to shake up race relations at her Ivy-League college by forcing her traditionally black residence hall to diversify.
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Dear White People

By ngeri1
This movie is brilliantly written. Justin Simien is purely a genius. The plot was well intended and definitely kept me engaged. Each actor and actress played his or her role phenomenally. I really...

Not What It Seems

By kennynero752
Politics of respectability, shallow and full of platitudes. A golden opportunity to move the dialogue of systemic, institutionalized racism forward missed and in its stead is a disney-esque, love...

School Daze Meets Higher Learning

By drshantella
While the concept is interesting: what happens when Blacks enter a predominantly white social space; much of the answers are lost within a nonsensical script and one-dimensional characters. Dear...

Dear Black people move on

By tsjmarks408
I cant believe they even make a movie like this today with Obama , condi rice, colin powell and oprah. REALLY. Boycott these movies. White people need to make a movie about racism and affirmative...

So it would be cool if there were a film called "dear black people," right?

By Blah00408
...yeah...I didn't think so. How lame....


By dcopass24
They forgot the part where blacks are the real racists and make up nearly 80% of all violent crimes and felonies and then blame all their issues on white people who pay for all their welfare and food...

Better than I thought it would be.

By vomaman408
Very nice movie liked it so much I'm going back again tonight....

You Must See This Movie!!

By phantasm67
This movie was a pleasant surprise and a must see for anyone who is a child of the 60's or 70's and wants a confirmation that race relations on our college campuses - a breeding ground for American...

Great movie!

By TallStacks
The title might be a bit off-putting for some, but it's actually a film that all races should see....

awesome and original

By Minsu
The plot centers on race relations at a fictional Ivy league university with memorable, complex characters. In every scene, there's purpose in its direction and contribution to the story. I most...

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Rated R | For Sexual Content, Language and Drug Use
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Common Sense Media says Satire offers insightful, very edgy look at race relations.
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