By Eric Kohn
Schroeder tracks the end of innocence in much the same way that the strip captured it each time out. Unlike "Salinger," he hardly makes a spectacle out of Watterson's secluded tendencies. The pileup of interview subjects speak eloquently on his behalf.
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The Playlist

By Kevin Jagernauth
The 90-minute documentary doesn't pretend to be anything more than it is: a love letter to a great comic, providing a digestible version of its history with an eye to its legacy.
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Los Angeles Times

By Gary Goldstein
The film, named for "Calvin" creator Bill Watterson, offers not only an in-depth look at the comic strip's unique influence but also a concise snapshot of the dwindling state of newspapers and their "funny pages."
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The A.V. Club

By A.A. Dowd
Just as it’s impossible to capture in a 600-word review what made Calvin And Hobbes so special, no 100-minute film on the subject can really hope to convey its magic either. But Dear Mr. Watterson does its best, relying on choice excerpts of the work and enthusiastic talking-head interviews.
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Slant Magazine

Though it begins by spending far too much time talking up the comic's quality, it gradually finds a groove as an incisive portrait of an insecure industry.
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Schroeder’s film makes a convincing case that the fact that the characters have never been licensed has a lot to do with why it is still so precious to so many people.
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By Odie Henderson
As they discuss "how much this strip meant to me," I got the sense that Dear Mr. Watterson was as uninterested in them as I was; they're not even identified.
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Time Out New York

By Keith Uhlich
Still, if any modern strip is worthy of an extended, Hobbes-style tongue bath, it’s this one.
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Arizona Republic

By Bill Goodykoontz
It’s not a bad movie, by any means. Just repetitive in its relentless praise.
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Village Voice

By Stephanie Zacharek
[A] heartfelt but largely inarticulate documentary.
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