Very relatable story, the book will engross you and hopefully so will the movie.

By Jesicute90
Written January 23, 2010
I adored the book, i cried, i laughed, i quoted it plenty of times. You know the emotions if you are in the same situation, this should apply to many females and males who are currently in a relationship with someone enlisted in any US armed forces having to deal with the letter writing, and constant separation and having limited time together. Like myself and my fiancée, hence why I CANNOT wait to see it play out on the big screen. I adore Channing Tatum and am glad they chose him and his face to play John, because there couldn't have been anyone else better to play it. Amanda is amazing in anything she does so I hope i can relate further more to see how she plays her part. The ending of course happens, not in my case because i can wait patiently for what i want, but for this movie ill accept it lol. BUT ALL IN ALL, Do read the book and draw your own conclusions from it, because for me is a must go, and knowing me i will go probably 3-4 times.
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Ditto to "hppe the book is better"

By queuepon
Written January 29, 2010
We too attended an advance screening - and we all agreed the main characters did not have believable chemistry between them..yes, it starts out somewh[BLOCKED WEBSITE]pelling, but then just drags on....all of us in the theater (sorry if I am a spoiler here) were left wondering - "what the heck?" after the last scene....which absolutely makes NO sense with respect to the story this one for a rental
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very good movie!!

By aquamnky92
Written February 07, 2010
This movie was very good, sad, but good. I felt they could have had a better ending, but the over all movie was really really good. you will cry though lol. so i would say go and see this movie. its cute and has very good acting, definatley a girl movie, and Channing Tatum, is so hot!!!!!!!!!! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!
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Dear John Review

By vaanan_kannan
Written February 25, 2010
A totally sappy, romantic movie that pulls in all the standard romantic tricks in the book that may be too perfect to happen in real life...But hey...Thats exactly what I simply LOVED in Dear John. The 'Moon is your size of your thumb no matter if we are separated by half the world', perfect romantic moments...For those people who find all this cheesy, please stay miles away from this one...But for the rest of us, just enjoy the 'A*** moments. The movie not only moves with the romance between the lead pairs, but also has undertones of the story of a Son's relationship with his father...Brief, but felt. The major part of the movie deals with distance and how it changes peoples feelings and perceptions no matter how strongly they feel. It shows how life and time throw up situations and how the lead pair move with them- "Time always runs out". A Romantic Movie that tugs at your heartstrings, unlike todays standard Rom-Coms.Loved it.
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I hope the book was better

By arlo1980
Written January 29, 2010
My friend and I were really excited to see an advanced screening of this movie. In then end we felt more ripped off than anything. I think the story and plot started out strong but dragged out and then left the audience feeling like we had just gone on an emotional journey without much resolution. I have not read the book but I'm sure it was different. Maybe the ending was lost in editing. Amanda Seyfried gave a great performance as well as Channing Tatum (he can act despite what some critics say) The casting of Henry Thomas seemed a little off but it was nice to see him on the big screen again. Overall I would recommend waiting for this one to hit the Red Box.
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