By Eric Kohn
Dealin' With Idiots is powered by a cast of terrific character actors.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Richard Roeper
The film is a consistently funny gem with moments of inspired lunacy.
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Arizona Republic

By Kerry Lengel
"Idiots” definitely isn’t for everyone, but its wry sensibility is several degrees more original than your average Hollywood knee-slapper.
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Movie Nation

By Roger Moore
Garlin doesn’t discover anything new about this well-documented phenomenon. But rounding up his (under-employed) comic pals and turning them loose on Little League is funny enough by itself.
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The Dissolve

By Nathan Rabin
Dealin’ With Idiots is at its strongest when it forgets about plot and character development altogether (which is most of the time) and gives itself over to the laid-back pleasure of improvisation among veteran professionals finding and exploring a good groove together.
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New York Post

By Farran Smith Nehme
The movie was largely improvised, which lends itself more to scenes than a feature-length film.
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More disappointing, the performances just aren't quite as funny and focused as they should be. Willard and Kind are both very funny guys when they are used right, but they both seem a bit at sea here, and their characters never come into sharp focus.
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The New York Times

By Andy Webster
Mr. Garlin has such a soft touch that at times the film feels feather-light, almost devoid of emotional traction.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
The problem is, despite the fact that the cast is filled with a gallery of veteran comic performers, few of the characters they portray are very interesting.
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Village Voice

By Michael Atkinson
Years of HBO seasoning has given Garlin and his cast a sure touch and great timing...but the whole project is mean-hearted and lazy, and it dawdles in repetition and dead air as if it's got a 14-show TV season to spin out.
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