Shuffle Off to The Theater And See "DEAL":

By jimchudnow
Written April 25, 2008
Flushed with anticipation, I went to an advance preview of “DEAL”. Wanting to give you the straight dope about the film (in case I was “carded” in any way), I carefully watched as BURT REYNOLDS (playing Tommy Vinson) gave a nicely restrained job portraying the coach – mentor to talented 21-ish poker-player Alex Stillman (acted by BRET HARRISON). Burt uses some unexpected “props” to help build Bret’s self-confidence and show him how to better “read” his opponents. All the while, he has to deal with the royal pain of his wife Helen’s (MARIA MASON’s) objections to his returning to playing cards himself. Eventually, there’s the almost-inevitable “showdown” between the teacher and his “student”. It wasn’t unanticipated— but, it was surprisingly WELL-HANDLED overall. If you saw a report on the film, you might not expect it to “work”-- but it DOES. So, while it's not great, since it’s effective and entertaining, I recommend you “shuffle” off to the theater and enjoy it for what it is.
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Written April 21, 2008
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By silentdragon
Written April 27, 2008
This by far was one of the stupidest movies that I have ever paid to see...Being a big poker fan and player, I thought what the heck...Burt cant be that bad.....BUT HE WAS!!!! the blandest performance I have ever seen by far his worst movie!!!!.....What he waited 5 years to come back to the big screen to do this???....Aside from looking like he was dis-interested and falling asleep in his part, the movie lacked a good plot...It was a watered down poker version of THE COLOR OF MONEY.....but the acting and the poker scenes were cartoonish!!!......they never built the plot of each poker hand...didnt even show the hands being dealt card by card to increase the tension of the plot....just showed losing hands in a fast way...From the title DEAL, one would assume that you would see great poker hands being played and dealt, but none of that here....quick bland finishes...and the ending was as corny as ever....WOW is all I can say...DO NOT WASTE YOUR 8 BUCKS POKER PEOPLE!!!!!!
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By kcherry
Written April 27, 2008
We found it entertaining. Certainly not an Academy Award movie, but it was entertaining and better than the critics indicated. Acting by the key young actor was not superb, but otherwise, we enjoyed it. Worth seeing/
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By eacevedo99
Written May 01, 2008
I though that the movie was horrible, the story line was just not good at all.
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