So satisfied

By redyeah
Written March 04, 2010
I have been waiting for another movie that could make me laugh insanely while watching insane blood flow since rewatching Dead Alive. This more than does the job. Sure the plot is not the greatest, but I'll be damned if I was not entertained. Watch for the cliff scene in particular. It is one of the most farfetched scenes I have ever scene in a horror movie, but it is also one of the funniest and creative as well. Five flaming zombie heads is my rating.
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By joaoedviges
Written March 16, 2016
Dead Snow is a ok - nice movie. I liked it. After many years of horror movies i never thought zombies could actually fight with punches and kicks. But, hey, that's the fun in these movies. These one have Zombies With Attitude. Two things first: the plot is bad and the characters are empty. The a main actors have no clue of what it's representing (or supposed to be like this?!). I kind of liked the obviously stupid scenes (really stupid) with some bad special effects, but then again I think they were intentional. Dead Snow have in my opinion the best death I've seen in movies of this genre, in quite some time, besides having blood and guts all over the place.. very well executed with nice special effects. I recommend this movie for the horror comedy fans. Looking forward for the sequel.
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Stupidest movie

By gunnarmiller
Written October 19, 2015
Why even bother with this movie?!?! This movie is cheesy and nazi zombies? Really??
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