Dead Silence Synopsis
A widower (Ryan Kwanten) is called home by his dying father, but tongueless corpses begin piling up.
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By hoeface111
SEE IT !!!...


By natenasty
So scary every time I looked at the screen I either crude hysterically or peed my pants...

Not Happenin

By Gonza21
The previews are definitely decieving, i walked in thinking i was gon piss my pants, and i walked out wanting a refund....


By Angelica_Sanchez
This movie really gave me the heebie jeebies! I will never look at a "dummy" the same way again. The acting could have been better, but the movie was better than I would have expected...very scary!...

way better than i thought!

By Autistic_Child
the movie is not bad at all. was kind f creepy especially the end....


By r-boy
I'm not really scared of anything but this movie scared the crap out of me...

Go Billy!

The perfect mix of scary and puppets... Rock on, Dead Silence!...

One of the best movies yet!!!!

By movie_fan223
This movie is really good & freakin creepy but I'm into that kind of stuff. If you wanna rent this movie or watch it I would say you should cuz its really good & scary....

Skip this

By radlinger1
With the possibility of being creepy looming, this movie takes every chance to cut it short. No big pay-offs, silly ending, not really scary. Ok to miss at every chance....

The Saw guys did it again!

By -TC
I'll admit, I thought this movie looked like pure krap. I don't like horror movies with a monster or ghost or some other off the wall thing like that. So, I had no interest in this one. But I got...

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Rated R | For horror violence and images
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says A Nightmare on Dummy St. from Saw creators.
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