Great Guy Flick

By Bearfist
Written March 19, 2013
Collin Farrell was fantastic. I spent half the movie wishing he'd shoot the idiont girlfriend but it's a great, new Film Noir and the girlfriend is a memorial new shady lady. I get the feeling the men are going to like this movie a lot more than the girls. Still, great viollent, suspenceful, surprising film. Ends with super action sequence that made any slight flaws in the movie worth it all. Go, take some testostorone and get some pop corn. Collin F get's better and better in his movies.
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Pleasantly surprised

By hschlanger
Written March 17, 2013
For a movie that got decidedly mixed reviews, I thought that it was a good two hours of entertainment. Well paced, with a sufficiently intricate plot and a few good twists. Worth seeing.
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Decent but forgettable movie

By taiwanrepublic
Written March 22, 2013
This is one of the better movies so far this year of the similar genre. I've seen Gangster Squad, Bullet in the Head, and Broken City and they are very bad movies. Dead Man Down was semi-decent. The performances were somewhat forgettable. The movie wasn't as tense as it should have been. But the minor counterplot was a welcome. At least I don't feel like I was wasting my time going to the theater.
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Dead Man Down

By froggyeagle
Written March 11, 2013
It was different.. I wouldn't see it again
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A Must see

By latrice86
Written March 22, 2013
I thought this movie was great, it kept your guessing, something that a lot of movies don't do anymore. This is a great suspense movie, well thought out, and not very predictable for sure. I say a must see!
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