"Rabbits Don’t Come In Chartreuse:" One Of The Great Movie Lines Of All Time!

By Alon Patterson
Written July 04, 2015
"I'll Be Back," "Here's Looking At You Kid," "I'm Ready For My Close-up Mr. DeMille," and now: "Rabbits Don't Come In Chartreuse." This horrible movie is barely dull and that's being nice. Aside the mumbling dialog that drones on and on, there's quite an unsubstantial effort across the board. It's dark and moody but THERE'S A BRIGHT SPOT. Even though it's not a comedy, it's so bad you just can't stop laughing. The rabbit line refers to a comment about a yellow rabbit's foot given for luck and I swear, the very dullness of this film is almost worth experiencing just to hear that line spoken. I actually had to leave the theater because I couldn't stop laughing. It's not meant to be funny and that's really sad, given the millions of dollars and years spent to bring this to the screen, including the efforts of hundreds of artisans, among whom one screenwriter and a least two editors were absent. Godawful would be a compliment here. Skip this. You'll be glad you did.
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By rbj513
Written August 03, 2015
I saw it last night. There's only one main thing I can take from it...revenge. The character driven story was okay. The action scenes were powerful. I was surprised to see a WWE (wrestling) superstar (Wade Barrett) cast in a movie with the likes of Colin Farrell & Terence Howard. Wade did a good job in the film. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 7 1/2 overall.
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Dead Man Down

By stevendbeard
Written March 09, 2013
This is a crime drama about revenge and it's repercussions . Colin plays a man with revenge on his mind ; His wife and daughter are murdered and he wants Terrence [a criminal mob boss] to pay . He becomes friends with Dominic [a low-level crook] to get a job to get close to Terrence , so that he can carry out his plan . Then he meets Noomi , a neighbor that was in a car accident with a drunk driver [her face was damaged and she wants revenge on the driver] . Noomi sees Colin doing something illegal and blackmails Colin into handling her problem [if he won't do it , she will call the police on him] . One of the producers of the movie is the WWE [I have not been keeping up with wrestling but there is a wrestler by the name of Stu Bennett in the movie] . I liked it and would buy it on DVD .
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Incredible Film

By eshingn
Written October 09, 2015
A true classic crime film. A strong character based noir which will make you fall in love with the characters. Easily the best movie of 2013. I will see this movie again and add it to my collection.
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DMD-Go see the movie

By homunculoid
Written May 26, 2015
Pleasantly dark with enough depth to keep you involved. If you don't want to play, you'll be bored. Farrell and Rapace are good enough to hold you there for the duration. Go see the movie.
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