Went with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised

By laruski
Written March 09, 2013
This was a really good movie. Well written, shot, directed and acted. I know these seem like dry terms to describe a movie but on the surface one might say that elements of the story are somewhat cliche but they are handled well so the feeling that it's cliche is avoided. Certain lines, said by any other actors, wouldn't play but with this cast, they are compelling. The story always kept me guessing and even when I'd already figured things out, I was still entertained way beyond my expectations. Not a wrong move in it. I really really recommend this movie. It wasn't well attended which is a shame. I don't know if it was competing with some strong opening nights for other movies but it deserves not to be overlooked.
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Twists Like A True Murder Show But Longer And More Enjoyable!

By brental
Written February 08, 2016
Great movie! I would go see this again and again! This movie was better than I expected. There were lots of twists that kept you on your toes. But unlike most thrillers, this one didn't even tell you the plot until it happened; then more twists happened. If you like thrillers who spoil you and leave you brainless and give you the plot on a platter, then this is not the movie for you! See this movie for the action and plot of figuring it out and you will enjoy this movie; because there is plenty of action.
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Grudging Thumbs Up

By mltyplx
Written May 05, 2016
I would have enjoyed this movie a lot more if Dominic Cooper and Colin Farrell had switched roles. Ever since seeing THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE I've been a huge fan of Coopers and am glad to see he's starting to get parts in movies that show up at my Cineplex. I was also very surprised and pleased to see Armand Assante had a small part in this film. However, the one thing I hated about this film was the difficulty in understanding the dialogue! Perhaps the Marlon Brando mumbling style of acting has returned, but whatever the reason, it's especially hard to follow what's going on in a movie like this one. But, all in all, I'd still give it a marginal thumbs up.
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By melissag786
Written March 04, 2015
Finally a great movie with the right amount of action for my husband and the right amount of thoughtfulness for me. Great story, great acting, great character development, GREAT ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not for small kids.
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Dead man (thumbs) down

By parkwaysmom
Written March 27, 2015
Love the actors. Colin Farrell needs to be in more things so this would not be such a disappointment. Slooooooow moving, until the end. Wait for video.
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