Best horror-comedy ever!

By redyeah
Written July 31, 2009
Peter Jackson's best film. Forget those rings. This will have you laughing till you vomit. Then you'll vomit from the gore. After that, you'll laugh at your vomit till tou vomit blood. Hilarious!
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my dead alive review

By lord-o-movies
Written June 29, 2008
awsome movie the actors were okay really bizzar extreamly gorey i liked the little zombie babie when me nocountryfor ironman and headless horse man were watching it they were laughing through all of it for the love of god kids go out and rent dead alive off of net flicks
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dead alive

By nocountryforironman
Written June 29, 2008
this movie is an amazing zombie comedy there is tons of gore it was also pretty gross
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