By anthony.torres86
Written August 09, 2014
This season was particularly exceptional due to the highly competitive shows put on by many of the corps. The reception at times was a bit buggy (I believe we had overcast sky's that evening), but the sound was sublime and the clarity of the picture was brilliant. I LOVE attending these shows in the theaters because you have the convenience of the facilities, great selection from the concessions, controlled climate, and visual and audio that cannot be beat (especially since the performance is in a domed field). I cannot wait until next year!
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By taraweiss
Written August 11, 2014
They did an amazing job and we enjoyed it from Greenville, Sc
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By mzopka
Written August 11, 2014
The theater in Kingston, MA was clean and comfortable. I was surprised of their being very few persons attending this awesome special event. I could have purchased my ticket at the event and save $2.00 but thought would be sold-out? The sound for me could have been louder especially on the side panels. The show was terrific- pretty much a terrific view than in person. I’m definitely going next year 2015!
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Great alternative to being there live!

By dougrager
Written August 10, 2014
Sound was really good, although I would like to see it in the RPX theater next time. Broadcast did a really good job of mixing 'on the field' shots and elevated shots, and with only a couple of exceptions, picked which of those views was the more appropriate to show. Since this occurs during the middle of summer band each year, travelling to the finals is not an option, so this is a great alternative.
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By asuttondrummer
Written August 12, 2014
AWESOME and not packed
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