Will Never Attend Another One

By swansuite394
Written August 21, 2014
After having attended most of these for the past 10 years, I'm finally fed up. Everyone knows that DCI, in an effort to boost DVD sales, purposely gives us poor or non-existent camera angles in order to pique interest in these DVDs. Frankly, it is a rip-off. They showed the first ten corps with a high, midfield camera about 90% of the time. Then, when the final five came on, they suddenly switch the non-sensical close-ups, often of corps members simply standing there. It was maddening and, if I had the money and time, I'd try to put together a class-action suit again DCI. Folks pay good money to see this show.... they should get to SEE the show, rather than be teased. Very disappointing.
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Love DCI Drum & Bugle Corps

By kalben
Written August 09, 2014
Glad to have a way to watch the Championships without having to travel to Indiana. Well done. The shows are always spectacular and they were shown off to good advantage on the big screen. Great music and great family entertainment.
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Always A Great Event

By rockymtnrob65
Written August 10, 2014
Obviously, there's nothing better than being at the DCI World Championships, but the live simulcast is as good as it gets. We attended the event at the AMC 24 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and the venue was great.
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By sharcb8
Written August 08, 2014
Amazing, as usual!!
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Poor Audio

By westontsmith
Written September 01, 2014
-I couldn't hear soloists, nor could I hear the brass. Yes, it's true - All night the percussion in the pit dominated and ruined the broadcast mix. It was also annoying that the commentators were only in the right channel. It sounded like most of the audio was fed by ambient microphones, and for the corps with narration, a mic near their speakers may have fixed that. It was extremely difficult to understand any narration. The motion of the GoPro/fish eye video was too much for a big screen. The video was directed well, but the audio could use use a different design for next time.
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