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DCI 2013 Tour Premier

By rtpemt
Written November 01, 2014
My wife and I had the pleasure of attending the DCI 2013 Tour Premier movie at Brier Creek Theater in Raleigh, NC on June 24. Like last year, it was a super event! We are hard-core Drum Corp fans and to have a custom-made movie premiering the 2013 DCI events is a genuine pleasure. Because of our careers, we can't travel all over the country to attend Drum Corp events but we do go to events in our state and South Carolina if and when we get enough advance notice. We would like to publicly thank Drum Corp International for making this movie available and we hope they will continue to do so. We'd also like to thank the management and staff of Brier Creek for hosting this movie. With deep appreciation, Jim & Lyn, Durham, NC
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blast from the past

By fuzzygreenballs
Written January 26, 2015
great stuff.... ages since i've seen a competition. good to see the enthusiasm of the young people present as well...... looking forward to the next broadcast! go cavies.
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Tour Premiere Review

By jamiebennett1
Written December 19, 2014
Although there is nothing like the beginning of Drum Corps season, I would much rather see the corps in better form on the screen. How about doing a best of the best presented by the key players of drum corps during their respective eras. The only chills in the audience were during the vignettes shown at the end of the show. But still, a great production.
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DCI 2013 Premiere

By SunsetCal
Written June 26, 2013
Love the Premiere. Great way to get up for the upcoming season. Especially if you are not able to attend any of the bigger shows including the Finals. It gives the Drum Corp supporter a chance to see Corps they won't be able to see at close by performances. I wish they would add some of the Regionals to the theaters. The Theaters was full, which I can't say for the rest of the movies in the theater during the same time slot. So it turns out good for them too. Only thing that I didn't like about it all was the AMC theater as a whole. Dirty sticky aisle's between the seats, but more important than that, they didn't turn on the A/C until the actual start of the DCI Premiere. It was hot and stuffy in the theater to the point that I was ready to leave and request a refund. That would have been a huge disappointment in doing that to miss DCI because AMC didn't want to turn on the A/C for 15 minutes prior to the show. So for the first 1/2 hour, it was uncomfortable. Turn it on!
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Drum Corps is Amazing!

By cbcsnare
Written June 25, 2013
As a drum corps alum, it's very easy for me to like this event anyway, but I very strongly encourage anyone who has not seen or heard of Drum Corps International to please give it a chance. The athleticism and musical proficiency required simultaneously is just mind-blowing! The musical arrangements and the drill writing is top-notch! Just amazing entertainment! Oh, and to those who'll get it, FHNSAB!
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