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DCI 13 Tour Premiere

By lbellanger
Written December 29, 2014
Awesome! Great chance to see the corps in comfortable seats and in air conditioning. Can't wait to see them in person and see how the shows progress. A little loud in the confined area, but will go again with ear plugs.
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Great Show - Too bad it was incomplete!

By doallen
Written October 23, 2014
My husband and I truly enjoyed this show. We were thrilled to learn of this recorded show at a local theater because it is difficult to see the shows at a stadium due to a disability. Imagine our disappointment when two different parts of the show were missing and we were unable to see all performances in their entirety! If the cost is going to be $15 instead of the regular movie price, they can at least be sure they have the complete performance taped! They did give out complementary tickets to see a regular priced movie, but we'd rather have seen the full presentation we paid for.
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DCI Review

By saxophone12345
Written November 29, 2014
I thought most of the corps got off to a good start for the summer season. As it was their first performance, there were many flaws in some of them, but it still sounded and looked amazing. Phantom Regiment impressed me the most because I could not believe how much they had already perfected the show for the first performance of the year. I wonder why the drum major did not get killed. In every phantom show I have seen the drum major is involved with a conflict on the field and dies in some form or another.
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DCI Tour Premiere

By tjenkins108
Written September 22, 2014
Loved it. Glad to get my first taste of drum corps this year. Wished I could have seen the "Tour Corps". Missed Crown, Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard etc. but, all in all it was wonderful. Loved the Cadets and the Bluecoats, Phantom too!
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DCI Tour Premiere

By Jeanniebs
Written January 26, 2015
Loved it! I took a group of high school marching band students and they all enjoyed the competition. They are pumped to get started on their new season. It was also wonderful to see one of their own performing with the Boston Crusaders. The only criticism I have is the fact that the movie has only one showing. I saw marching band kids getting turned away at the ticket booth. I wish they would have another showing, two nights or something.
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