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  • August 8, 2013
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Must see for marching fans

By slknla
Written September 30, 2016
This annual event should grow to include all the regional competitions as well. The summer could be a string of good shows that many folks cannot otherwise attend leading up to championships. Still some issues of camera and audio coverage but getting better each production
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Big, Loud, and Live 10

By mindgrowz
Written July 25, 2016
Sound and picture were superb. This was a wonderful way to view the competition - as if we were in the judges box. Will do it again if available next year.
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Big, Loud, & LIve 10

By mcmullenrw
Written May 24, 2017
In many ways better than seeing Drums Across the Tri State in person. MultiCams know when and where to zoom in ahead of time. Narrators cite several interesting facts about the corps that you would not know from DATS. The sound was awesome. Not to mention seeing and hearing over two dozen of the best and most entertaining marching units in the world. It is great for all ages and all ages were there.
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Loved it!`

By thesuzzz
Written September 29, 2016
My busy schedule makes it almost impossible for me to get away to drum corps shows lately, so I really love the fact that I can see my favorite performers on the big screen close to home at least twice a year. I cannot believe it's going to be another 367 days before I can see another one:) Thanks so much for bringing this close to home! I've been a fan since 1972 and I love it more every year.
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Big, Loud & Live Gets Better with Age

By robinernst
Written May 01, 2017
Since first going 5 years ago, each year they improve the sound and the picture. It was an enjoyable evening with only 1 small technical glitch. I recommend it to any drum corps fan!
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