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  • August 8, 2013
  • NR , 5 hr 15 min
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Loved the Performance!

By tkditzel
Written August 24, 2013
Thoroughly entertaining & enjoyable! Wished more musicians knew about it so theater would have been sold out but good crowd. Incredible sound system at AMC 20 Mission Valley! Love meeting new friends through the sport! Thanks for supporting the DCI Association!!!
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2013 Big, Loud & Live Review

By bencausey7
Written July 24, 2014
What a great experience - almost like being there! Funny how DCI fans automatically know to wait until a performance is over before finding their seat. I guess my only small gripe would be that most theaters' audio systems don't quite do justice to the dynamics involved in this music...at really loud peaks, there can be distortion. Having said that, I'm sure I'll never miss a future show - it really is that entertaining.
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Show better than theater

By ljfnord
Written September 16, 2014
DCI is always a must-see. It'd be nice if the theater we saw it at treated it that way. The south lobby concession stand was closed, the bathrooms were filthy, and for some reason the entrance to the screen room smelled like someone had barfed a few minutes earlier. Five stars for the show, but just one for the theater.
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By techwolf
Written December 19, 2014
All the bands were awesome! I laughed, I cried, and I was left wanting more. What more can I say. These kids are awesome. I know from my own experience how much hard work, time, and effort goes into these shows. Let me tell you it is worth every second of it. What a heck of a performance from all the participants. Well worth the price compared to what I would have spent on gas to drive to Indy to see it. Thank you DCI :-)
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By owski77
Written September 03, 2014
After sitting on bleachers, working food trucks and driving many many miles, this is the BEST way to watch drum corps. Plus you see the best of the best. The people in the theatre get into it just as much as if you were in the stands. Nice when you see a group from a high school attend. Love coming to this every year.
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