Tour Premiere

By sheltylady
Written June 19, 2012
We loved this show! it was good to see some of the top corps perform their 2012 program for the first time! In the theater you can see all of their maneuvers and close ups of the drum, horn and color guard! Looking forward to Live and Loud in August! It is a great show for young and old and especially for those that love the sound of horns and drums!
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By tvjc
Written June 19, 2012
Theater had difficulty getting the program started; it was about 15 minutes before it began; coverage of the event was good, there were some audio problems but all-in-all the show was good
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Drum Corp Tour Premiere

By scapricorn0150
Written June 19, 2012
First time ever viewing this type of event. It was great! I love all things drum! My only suggestion to Fathom Events is - when taping these shows always stay at the birds-eye-view; nothing is gained by watching this type of event at ground level. I'm looking forward to seeing future events similar to this one.
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DCI 2012 Tour Premiere

By lakegenevasinger
Written June 19, 2012
Already being a drum corps fan, my views are a bit prejudice. BUT, I've never known anyone who didn't LOVE drum corps after they got a taste of it. Since I can't be everywhere for shows, I really appreciate having this opportunity to view a competition on the big screen in the comfort of this excellent theater. The performances were fabulous and exciting. A couple of complaints: 1. The volume should always be LOUD for drum corps! 2. Many connection problems with the satellite that obscured short bits of the shows. 3. The viewing started late because of problems receiving the signal. We were all holding our breath and groaning that we might not see it because of technical difficulties. The theater should have been full with so many fans in the area, but I'm afraid the word didn't get out to a lot that would have come had they known. I'll do my best next time to promote this event. Thank you very much for a great night of entertainment. SUTA!!! ~ Lora
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save it for the finals

By millercarolynlouise
Written June 19, 2012
I would have preferred to go see the finals. $15 was a lot to spend when the routines were not polished or finalized. It was good, but not exciting or special. I would like to see the finals though.
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