DCI 2012: Big, Loud & Live 9 Synopsis
Drum corps compete in the DCI World Championship Prelims. From Indianapolis.

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By luvmimexicano
As with any live drum corps.......ENTERTAINMENT! I absolutely loved the fact I could watch indoors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the biggest perk and didn't have to travel far. :)...

Big Loud & Live 9

By alfreddettweiler
Great prelim show. Disappointed with the Cadets, poor choice of them. Total out of character for the Cadets. Great camera work and sound recording. Great Job DCI. Living in Hawaii this is the only...

Big Loud & Live 9

For the msot part, this was enjoyable. The severe weather caused a 15 minute delay/outage though. I would have enjoyed it more had the camera people knew what they were doing. When one is watching a...

DCI Big, Loud & Live 9

By voiceover60
This was a live feed of the DCI prelims from Indianapolis. The picture and sound was fantastic, I wish I could watch DCI like this all of the time. Commentary was a bit much at times, talking over...

Big,Loud,and Live

By johnsylviag
We realize weather interruption was not the fault of the theatre or DCI for that matter. What was disappointing @ AMC in Mission Valley San Diego was the lighting. Lights did not dim when movie came...

If you like Drum Corps, you'll love this!

By TJtheGreyt
18 different drum corps in FIVE hours and 15 minutes! This was a great show! Watching it live, via satellite was almost as good as being there. The only hiccup was when a storm blew through...

Big Loud and Live Excellent Evening

LOVED it! The only downer was that the live satelite feed went out just before my favorite corps was to perform. BUT super kudos to both DCI and Alderwood 7 - DCI re-broadcast the two corps we missed...

DCI for half the cost

By foozy92
This was my 5th year going to this event. I love watching my favorite Corps in A/C and without paying an arm and a leg. The only problem I have would be that there are often stream errors and the...

DCI 2012: Big, Loud & Live 9 a winner

As big fans of Marching Bands my family and I have seen DCI competitions in person and in the theater and I have to say that the theater experience cannot be beaten. Aside from the better amenities...

Big, Loud, Live And Colorful and Dynamic

By billsfacebk
Loved it all. Great to see bands from across the country. Every person involved with every drum corps, in attendance or not, should be proud of these young people and their...

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