DCI 2010: The Countdown Synopsis
The best in marching-band music, featuring the best performances from 2009 and more.

Movie Reviews

Really well done

By dskillins
High def makes all the difference in the world. And I really like this format - informed hosts, nice High-Def filming that balances well between full field and close-ups, historyical perspectives,...

DCI10 The Countdown

By ticketstubs
My family enjoys seeing drum corps competition anytime we get the chance. This was a different take on the corps. But it was very good. However I was kind of dissapointed that our local corp was...

Five Word Review

By KrisCh5747
Great Musical experience for all...

Much better than last year

By rjm1604
This year's Countdown was terrific and generated a lot of enthusiasm for the upcoming season of competition. Would that we could hear some of the post-show critiques *during* the season!...


By moorestown

And the Beat Goes On

By kim9292
Excellent. Very exciting. Felt like I was back on the field. Can't wait til the next DCI Countdown in August....

DCI Countdown

By dancingtubagirl
Being at this show was quite an experience and a first for me. I enjoyed it immensely and am quite excited to watch the championships in August. The show was very efficient in tying together new and...

The Countdown

By kwickwire

What a disappointment!!!!

By lbbowen
I was expecting to see the top 10 to 12 top drum corps teams that would likely appear in the DCI Finals in August. It turned out to be a documentary about the DCI, showing only one First Place Team...

DCI 2010: The Countdown

By Jamie86
Awesome show, wish they were coming closer to Fairfax instead of Arlington. Our drumline is farther north and Fairfax is about as far south as we go. Is a Must See for all hardcore drummers....

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