Night Watch 2

By Caffeineoverload_65
Written May 30, 2007
I've seen Night Watch which is the first movie, Day Watch is the sequel to Night Watch. If your going to go see Day Watch you should go see Night Watch too, it's freakin' awesome! I loved it, hopefully Day Watch will also be as cool as Night Watch. But if your going to go see Day Watch and you have't seen Night Watch you're going to be confused a little.
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Don't miss this one

By neutron_bob
Written May 31, 2007
If you haven't heard of or seen "Night Watch" you've been missing a good one.
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Clever on a budget

By RuthP
Written June 19, 2007
You'll never know this film cost under $5 million. The effects are as good as big budget US films, without the obvious CGI. The actors look like normal people, and the plot is clever. It's not hard to follow if you've watched the first one, and after a few minutes you forget it's even subtitled. It's not really about good or evil, as the lines are very much blurred, which makes for an unusual concept. You won't be bored particularly if you like smart, well made films.
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See this if you can

By rivka
Written June 11, 2007
Only after you watch the first one (night watch). If you don't then you will be a lost little puppy. I loved it. I took a friend who hates sub titles and she loved it. Vampires, shape shifters, good, evil, cars......
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Can't wait for Day Break!

By moniqued
Written June 20, 2007
There are very few movies out there where the sequel is just as strong if not stronger than the original. Day Watch is one of those movies. These films never cease to amaze me. The path the story has followed has made me so curious about the 3rd and final film, Day Break. They could take this story anywhere. WOW! Day Watch is packed with awesome special effects, an incredible story, and really really cool characters. It's a refreshing change from the neverending stream of high tech movies out there with great special effects and zero substance.
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