for certain viewers only

By hyperlasers
Written January 12, 2010
The vampires in this film: 1) Degenerate into mutant bat monsters without adequate blood supply 2) Die horrific fiery deaths in the sun 3) Occasionally explode. The film itself has some pretty heavy messages against: 1) The military 2) The pharmaceutical industry. The plot is primarily about: 1) Greed 2) Self-interest 3) Desperation. The amount of on-screen gore is: 1) AWESOME. You will like this film if you enjoy: 1) Real vampires 2) An edgy plot that is engaging yet easy to follow 3) Unspeakable amounts of blood and gore 4) Comic relief in the form of slow-motion, people-devouring-people carnage. You will likely be offended if you are: 1) Affiliated with the military 2) Affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry 3) Affiliated with the GOP 4) Not inclined to watch people explode or be eaten alive. You will be disappointed if you are hoping for: 1) A stupid romance subplot 2) An opportunity to take out the wife.
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Good old-fashioned vampire flick

By tomko44
Written January 08, 2010
Sick of all these damn lovey-dovey vampire?. Miss the good old days when the only good blood-suckers was a staked blood-sucker? Then this is the movie for you! But this movie wasn't just a vamp-flick. It was a statement on how quickly a society can collapse and how survival at all costs may be a price not worth paying. Only issue I have was the end... I would have changed the last 5 minutes. I think once you see it, it is obvious what SHOULD have happened.
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At least it didn't sparkle!

By StarWarsLuvr
Written January 13, 2010
Sorry, no offense toward the Twilight fans but it was refreshing to see evil looking vampires with fangs!! I liked "Daybreakers" for the story of vampires ruling the Earth and left few humans alive as food. That was cool!! But I felt the main characters' back stories weren't fully developed. Nonetheless, it was entertaining to the end!
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By kimymar
Written November 20, 2008
This is a MUST SEE movie! It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Full of action and suspense.
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Dear Mr. Dracula- Please forgive me for supporting this film with my $8 ticket.

By mr_glass_half_full
Written January 09, 2010
I went to this film expecting to be as great as the previews and was met with a bored theater full of chatty viewers due to the poor acting & lack of story to keep your full attention. I could have eaten a bowl of alpha-bits cereal & crapped out a better story-line. I would highly reccommend this film to annoying mother-in-laws, & anyone that needs a great reason to dry heave whilst clawing out their eyes.
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