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Best Film in the Ape Franchise! 10/10

By chrisdalton93
Written January 18, 2017
"The Dawn" delivers. The is one of the best films I've seen in a long time. The interaction of the apes was borderline genius. Caesar stole and dominated the film with his empathy towards the humans (which stimulated from the Love he felt from Will… his only HUMAN owner) to the majestic leader he was. His clear desire to build the ape kingdom was conflicted with his love for the humans. The script was perfect. They made you feel empathy for the apes and the humans which felt a bit dichotomous. I could rave on about the actors and special effects, but I want to jump to the underlying messages. When you show unconditional love towards someone it gives them a light to believe in that could save their life. Also, knowing when and when not to trust someone will always come with a sign even if it's discreet. Lastly, to preserve and protect what you love and desire you must be willing to lay down your life for it. Loved this masterpiece!!!!
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Going ape!

By arreaga9
Written May 16, 2015
fantastic movie!
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Lowell Hillocks

By hillocks67
Written May 16, 2015
An excellent movie that examines the relationship between humans and apes. Are they that much different than us? Go see it, and find out!
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By imax25
Written May 16, 2015
I really have to watch it again!!!!
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Great Sequel

By Joel1
Written May 16, 2015
Best movie of summer. Thought it was as good as Rise of the planet of Apes. This is coming from someone that hated the original with the fake looking apes. This movie is AWESOME!!!
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